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In 1992 the Limited Partnership "Aluminium Company ALCORUS" was registered in Saint-Petersburg. In 1997 the legal status of the company changed and the Limited Liability Company "ALCORUS ENGINEERING" was registered.

Main field of the Company activity covers the carrying out scientific research and design works, related to the development of technologies and equipment for aluminium smelters and alumina refineries.

The company has a main permanent staff of employees that defines the tendencies in the activity and bears responsibility for the achievement of objectives set. The scientific researchers from different institutions are also involved for the fulfillment of work at the contractual basis. The contracting system for carrying out scientific researches and engineering works by involved companies under the fulfillment of main order is widely used.

In 1992-2000 main client of the company was JSC "Bratsk Aluminium Smelter" (JSC "BrAZ"). In fact, ALCORUS ENGINEERING Ltd was working as engineering center of the smelter. The works, related to the aluminium reduction facilities, fume treatment equipment, anode paste plant and silicon plant were carried out that time.

In the reduction facilities the main activity was related to the development and engineering of different pot designs. The package of works includes magnetohydrodynamic analyses of busbar, calculations of thermal and electrical fields in the pots, detailed engineering of metal structures, lining, busbars, systems of automated alumina and fluorides feeding.

The pot design is developed both for the construction of greenfield smelters and for the modernization and expansion of existing-ones.

During the period from 1992 to 2002 ALCORUS ENGINEERING Ltd participated in the development of Soderberg pots for Bratsk aluminium smelter and prebake pots for Volkhov and Krasnoyarsk smelters, for pilot plant ALUCOM-TAYSHET (Tayshet, Irkutsk region) and for project of Vsevolozhsk aluminium smelter (Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad region).

ALCORUS ENGINEERING Ltd develops, agrees and approves the pre-project and design documentation in accordance with the legislation valid in Russian Federation.

"Declaration of Intentions", "Substantiation of Investments", "Feasibility Study", developed by ALCORUS ENGINEERING Ltd, meet completely the requirements for receiving bank credits and for obtaining the permissions of Joint Committees to purchase land and to start the construction of an enterprise on the territory of Russian Federation.

Pre-project documentation, developed by ALCORUS ENGINEERING Ltd includes the package of works, related to the environmental protection and implementation of RF legislation requirements to the environmental parameters for an aluminium smelter.

The aluminium smelters under design or modernization could integrate the facilities for the manufacturing of end products from alloys, based on aluminium (rods, welding wire, flat and corrugated sheets, profiles).

The available working experience, informative base and contacts with leading producers of equipment allow the provision of production areas with necessary equipment and carrying out of the design work on the equipment erection and adjustment.

ALCORUS ENGINEERING Ltd carries out scientific works on the development of new technology for the processing of low-quality bauxite, available in large quantities on the territory of Russian Federation. The hydrogranet technology, developed for the production of alumina from low-quality bauxite, will allow to completely exclude the dependency of Russian aluminium industry on the alumina deliveries from abroad.

The advantage of ALCORUS ENGINEERING Ltd consists in that the company uses a flexible approach to the selection of equipment design for existing aluminium smelters, based on the investment capabilities of the enterprise. The Company offers to the Client a step-by-step approach to the modernization of its production facilities, when individual new structural elements are introduced first and then become an integrated part of more profound modernization.

The combination of realistic financial capabilities of the Client enterprise with the task of permanent increase of economic parameters at the existing production facilities is a main factor in partner relations of ALCORUS ENGINEERING Ltd with Clients.

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